About Us

Advans IT Services Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Advans IT Services, Inc., of Marlborough Massachusetts, (www.AdvansIT.com). Founded in 2005, Advans IT Services, Inc. is an IT consulting and staffing firm. In 2012, Advans IT Services, Inc., opened an office in Chennai, India to provide offshore support to Advans IT Services, Inc.'s US customers.


Who We Are

  • Remote IT Support
  • Help Desk with L1, L2 and L3 Support Teams
  • Recruiting Team
  • Software Development Team
  • Product Development Team for netPulz, ComputerVault and VDI
  • netPulz Marketing and Sales
  • netPulz Deployment and Support Team

What We Do

  • Market, Sell and Support all netPulz, ComputerVault and VDI product deployments in India
  • All staff located in Chennai
  • Buy all hardware from India

Where We Are

Advans IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
358D, GJ Plaza, 1st Floor
Chennai - 600086
Phone: 044-42641771

Mission and Core Values

Providing Seamless IT Solutions through superior Communication, Technology and Delivery.


Effective communication is crucial for the success of any project. Advans nurtures and maintains enduring relationships to bridge the gap between business and technology. Delivering exceptional business value to our clients is our primary goal.


Advans has the knowledge and experience to deliver cost effective, scalable and robust solutions utilizing leading edge technologies to their greatest advantage. Our focus is to deliver the best solution for your business needs.


Every Advans project has been delivered on time and on budget. Our aim is to meet business objectives and optimize ROI.