netPulz is a Network Virtualization Platform that uses software to manage an abstraction layer between end systems and the physical network infrastructure. With it, logical networks that are independent of any network hardware may be created. Advans uses it to create both LAN's and WAN's without specialized hardware. Additionally, netPulz networking technology may be embedded in a variety of computing devices, e.g., PC's, laptops, servers, mobile devices, etc.

To create netPulz networking, Advans combines Software Defined Networking ("SDN") and Network Functions Virtualization ("NVF") to deliver a programmable networking solution that provides all networking functions with software.

There are many business benefits to using netPulz over traditional networking:

netPulz technology is fully programmable and it replaces all the network functions normally deployed with specialized devices, such as routers, VPN's, DNS servers, DHCP servers, application controllers, with software. All netPulz connections are encrypted and may be carried by any network or telecom protocol and circuit.

netPulz technology may be deployed in many ways: