Use Cases

Advans deploys, configures and remotely supports netPulz networks as a managed service, i.e., Networking-as-a-Service, on a subscription basis. All netPulz networks are supported from Advans Network Operations Center located in its Marlborough MA datacenter. From the Advans NOC, all network connections, network appliances and software clients are monitored 24x7 with L1, L2 and L3 support staff.

SD-WAN: Site-to-Site Connection

Advans most commonly deploys netPulz to create site-to-site Software Defined WAN's using netPulz network appliances. Typically, the SD-WAN connects various branch offices to the head office, datacenters, clouds and to each other.

Since netPulz can uses any networking and telecom protocol, most companies deploy netPulz SD-WAN's using the ordinary Internet backbone. Using the Internet for the WAN telecom both reduces the cost of the network while providing an opportunity to affordably provision much larger amounts of bandwidth than they could using MPLS, leased lines and other dedicated telecom circuits. With bandwidth demand growing rapidly, having some or all network traffic routed over an encrypted Internet connection, provides a platform for organizational growth.

Depending upon the computing and bandwidth requires, Advans deploys one of several netPulz appliances.


As netPulz networking is programmable, in addition to the site-to-site connectivity, netPulz can be used for automatic site fail-over and disaster recovery. For instance, backups from applications and servers within the LAN are sent to remote datacenters and clouds for automatic offsite backup. Those same backups may be used to deploy a disaster recovery location. Since a netPulz network is programmable, in the event the primary site is not available, all network traffic is automatically routed to a secondary or disaster site ensuring business continuity.


Since every netPulz appliance and software client creates an encrypted connection to a netPulz Software Defined Network, netPulz is ideally suited for connecting Internet of Things devices. The various netPulz appliances, software clients and apps are used to construct secure networks for:

Advans has also developed software applications for managing the sensor data and video streams, in addition to managing all the devices and networks remotely from the Advans NOC.

Electronic Message Boards are often used for displaying bus and train schedules at bus stops and train stations, as well as delivering advertising. All that is needed is a monitor connected to a small, inexpensive netPulz appliance, such as an nP100, to deliver information in a browser. Schedules are displayed in real time. With advertising, the solution pays for itself.

SD-WAN: Cloud Connections/Migrations

A virtual netPulz appliance hosted in a cloud connects to physical appliances in LAN's. This is useful for connecting branch offices to clouds as well as migrating applications from LAN's to clouds, quickly and reliably.

With public clouds, a virtual netPulz appliance is used to create a Virtual Private Cloud, ensuring complete isolation from the public cloud neighbors.


In the US, Advans has bundled its netPulz networking technology in the ComputerVault and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure products to create Software Defined Infrastructure solutions for hosting applications and virtual desktops. The netPulz nP100-T is a Thin Client for accessing virtual desktops.